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Vis Wax Fc V5 Combinations: The Rune Goldberg machine is an every day D&D that can be played in the Runecrafting Guild (50 RC necessitated) that gives as a prize Vis wax that can be utilized for a huge load of valuable things, for example, broadening atmospheres and expanding day by day difficulties.

To get the greatest measure of Vis wax, you need to utilize the correct mix of 3 distinct runes that changes every day. The main rune is the equivalent for everybody, the subsequent rune is one of three runes feasible for that day.

The last rune is irregular for everyone. This tracker has been intended to help you locate the correct blend of runes. It works by the force of individuals, publicly supporting: whenever you have discovered the right mix of runes that works for you kindly submit it underneath to help keep the rune tracker exact.

Slot 1

  • Chaos

Slot 2

  • Water ( earth*27 )
  • Nature ( Water 28 )
  • Nature ( air 29 )

Slot 3

Alts are listed in order of cost-efficiency! Lost wax is included.
* = only use if ironman or if needed for 3rd alternative.

How to read the Vis Wax FC title

The FC title represents the first and second slot runes since the third slot is random.

  • Slot 1 = First rune in the Vis WaX FC title
  • Slot 2 = One of the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th abbreviations in the title will be your correct 2nd slot
  • Slot 3 = Random, therefore not represented in the title

This guide shows you the base price of each rune and my recommendations on which runes to use

Use these!

  • Earth 17000
  • Water 19000
  • Mind 36000
  • Body 70000
  • Chaos 74000
  • Air 78000
  • Death 103600
  • Astral 116700
  • Nature 130900
  • Law 137100
  • Fire 138000
  • Cosmic 155200

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Try to avoid these

  • Blood 201600
  • Mud 261300

Don’t use these

  • Lava 437500
  • Steam 470500
  • Smoke 490000
  • Dust 661500
  • Mist 563500
  • Soul 661500

30 Vis wax FC (slot 1 and 2), is currently 358,080GP. Subtract the figures above from the Viswax price for base profit.

Don’t forget that for every attempt you make, the base runes needed and the cost of runes goes up by 0.5%!

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