Want To Buy Silver Jewelry? Know Why Handcrafted Jewelry Is The Best!

Everyone must have heard of silver jewelry that is handcrafted explicitly with personal attention by the artists. Such masterpieces look elegant and enhance the looks when paired with beautiful dresses, not only ethnic but also western. You can flaunt such artistic pieces with any dress and can make the heads turn. Accessorize handmade silver jewelry on any occasion, whether it is a wedding party or a festival party, and receive lots of praises from friends and family.

 The handmade silver pieces are worth investing the money since it receives special efforts from the experts. People may think that it is more costly than other jewelry manufactured in bulk. On comparing both the pieces’ beauty, you easily differentiate which one is handcrafted with personal attention.  

There are several reasons which suggest that handmade silver jewelry is worth spending the money and if you are the one who doesn’t believe this fact, this one’s for you!

The points explained in the further section can change your thoughts towards handmade jewelry and make up your mind to buy one for yourself! 

Reasons which place handcrafted silver pieces at the top! 

Silver jewelry is one of the most loved jewelry pieces because of the grace it provides. But the handmade ones are specially crafted instead of being produced at a manufacturing unit. Many reasons that attract people towards handmade silver jewelry are discussed in the following section.

No use of manufacturing machinery 

The artisan craft the handmade silver jewelry in their own hands, keeping note of each detail introduced in the piece. The experts have their hands loaded with experience, which makes the jewelry a masterpiece. They know very well as to which part of the accessory needs what type of detailing and focus. It is much different and graceful than the machinery produced pieces. 

Each piece is sliced, sculpted, and sawed without using any machinery. The pieces produced in bulk can never have the same beauty as those that have received the maker’s personal attention and experience.  The time and efforts that an artisan invests in a single jewelry piece are multiple times more than the machinery- manufactured piece. You can even get it online from a reputed store that can provide quality assurance.

Invested time 

It has already been discussed that the orders which demand special attention also need a lot of time to make the very best piece. Crafting handmade silver jewelry is not an easy task; a single piece consumes a lot of time. Ask a designer to make one for you, and you will get to know the time that he would ask for creating a masterpiece! 

Using a machine reduces time consumption to a few minutes, but that would not compete with the handcrafted piece. Each client has its design and material demands, making it more crucial to carve the piece properly. 

If you wish to get a handmade silver jewelry piece urgently, it might not be possible for the artisan to fulfill the demand as every customized piece needs time to be beautifully crafted. So you need to have patience and time if you want to add a beautiful accessory to the collection.

Quality of material used

When you buy handmade silver jewelry, you can be assured of the quality of the material used to make the pieces. Stellar silver is used to make such beautiful ornaments, but in bulk manufactured jewelry, there is no guarantee of raw material quality as the producers may dope it with alloys of inferior metals. 

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You have to compromise on the quality if you want to buy mass-produced silver jewelry because it is impossible to know the jewelry is doped with what type of metals. While the pieces are getting handcrafted, you can trust the artisans for the quality, as these handmade pieces are generally from reputed artisans. 


The artisans stick to ethics and prefer high-quality materials to use in the jewelry. If you want to get good quality handmade silver jewelry, the cost will be high compared to the bulk production of pieces because the quality comes at a price. Any shady or doped raw material is much cheaper, hence is the manufactured silver jewelry. This is why it is recommended to choose reputed makers for handcrafted pieces.

Made with love

Buying locally manufactured handcrafted silver pieces is preferable nowadays because it is suitable for the local manufacturer and buyers. Supporting local goods is now a trending hashtag on social media as well as in real-life scenarios. You can observe the fantastic efforts in the pieces as they are crafted with love.

Each piece has its own identity because no other can exactly copy every basic and specific detail that makes the piece different and beautiful. The love and efforts on each jewelry piece that a maker invests in are unbeatable even if the materials used in mass-produced pieces are of good quality.

If you are a first-time buyer of handmade silver jewelry, you should consider some crucial tips before purchasing it! 

Key tips to follow

  • Before trusting any seller and artisan, inquire properly and adequately about the store and its reputation. You should know the difference between handmade and commercially produced jewelry before buying one; the handmade pieces are crafted by excellent people who hold considerable experience, while the bulk production of pieces does not need such experience.
  • Visit a trusted website and see if they offer customized jewelry. There is no need to be happy with available ones even if you do not like them much. Ask questions about the customization so that you can get the desired handmade silver jewelry.
  • You need to have a thorough knowledge of the stones and their quality that can be used in pieces. Visit different websites and pages that have mentioned how to choose the best gems for jewelry.
  • While receiving the order, make sure the delivered item resonates with your choice, and you should also know about the return policy so that if the order is not as desired, you are left with at least an alternative to returning it.

If the next time you plan to buy silver jewelry, prefer the handmade ones as it can teach grace to any outfit, and the best thing is that it is your suitable go-to jewelry for any occasion. But make sure you consider the important tips before buying it from any online store. 

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