largest tractors in the world

Tractors come in all shapes and sizes. Just like everything else. Each model and size has its own advantages. For planting potatoes we simply use different materials than for the better draft and grinding with tons of weight. But sometimes it’s nice to ask the question: which one is the biggest? did research and has here the list of the largest tractors in the world!

How do we determine the largest?

Before we dive into the depth: “What is ‘big’ anyway?”. Of course, you immediately think of the outside when you think of large, but we find that less important in this study. Although tractors can also be very beautiful, we are concerned with the greatest power expressed in the number of horsepowers. So we are actually looking at the biggest powerhouse. In our research, we have based ourselves on the data provided by the manufacturers themselves. We have focused on the most popular tractor brands in the Netherlands.

Deutz-Fahr largest tractor

Deutz-Fahr has a large fan base but is not immediately known for the greatest powerhouses. This is also evident from the models they have developed in recent years. The Deutz Fahr M650 reaches up to 181 HP. That is one step less than the Deutz Fahr Agrotron 260 that was produced until 2001. It had 260 hp under the hood.

Massey Ferguson’s 2 powerhouses

Massey Ferguson doesn’t primarily develop for sheer power, either. Still, two models have an impressive 340 HP at their disposal: the MF 8737 and the MF 8690. The MF 8737 seems to be the most popular in this regard as it was previously released and is still being produced while the last MF 8690 left the production line in 2013. rolled.

Xerion 5000 – the strongest horse in the Claas stable

At Claas, we inevitably arrive at the first tractor with articulated steering. Neither MF nor Deutz-Fahr have these in production. But the general rule is: with a kink, more horsepower is possible. The Claas Xerion 5000 is in any case one of the most beautiful in this segment and with 487 HP also a big leap compared to the ‘normal’ tractors.

Fendt Trisix series & Fendt 939

Since 2007, Fendt has produced their Trisix line, which includes the 1038 and 1050. This is the first line of models with 3 (tri) axles and 6 (six) wheels. The Trisix 1050 achieves a power of no less than 540 HP. Not without merit is the performance of the ‘normal’ Fendt Vario 939 with a capacity of 390 HorsePower.

John Deere’s powerhouse: 9630

Shared number 2. John Deere has traditionally had a varied line of tractors ranging from minuscule lawn mowers with less than 1 horsepower to beastly machines that compete in the top of the strongest tractors in the world. The current showpiece is the John Deere 9630 with 620 HP, which is the same as New Holland’s T9.

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