What Are the Different Types of UK Web Hosting

Web hosting is increasingly becoming a vital component when running a website. Plus, you should learn how to select the best web hosting service. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with different forms of web hosting services. Understanding these forms will help you select a form that suits your explicit needs. The following are different forms of web hosting services.

Shared Hosting

Regarded as the most common web hosting form, shared web hosting is the best option for website owners. The best thing with this option is that it’s incredibly affordable—making it a popular option for many upcoming sites. This option fits those with a limited budget. Also, if you want to start small and grow big, this is the ideal option for you. This option is easy to use and convenient—especially for beginners.

VPS Hosting

Another great option is the VPS hosting. With VPS hosting, you have an option that leverages the technical process known as virtualization when it comes to the creation of virtual based dedicated servers. And that’s not all—this hosting option can pull resources from those multiple based servers shared with others. The best thing with this option is that it allows you to access more server resources. This means that your server performance will immensely improve. Even more, you can easily scale up your capacity when it comes to server resources.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting involves renting the whole physical server. Here, you won’t share resources with others. Consequently, this option is more expensive than its shared counterpart. Since you have the whole system by yourself, your site will perform optimally. Even more, you will have better storage capacities. You can also customize the server to suit your site’s explicit needs. However, a dedicated server is ideal for sites that get massive volumes when it comes to traffic.

Cloud Hosting

Unique. Secure. Modern. These are some of the best things with cloud hosting. Based on virtual hardware, cloud hosting uses a cloud-based environment. This option is relatively new. However, it’s quickly gaining traction because it offers a myriad of benefits. Some of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting include:

  • Cost-effectivenessCloud hosting is cost-effective. This is because you will only pay for the resources your website uses. This means that you will pay more when you have more traffic and less when you witness low levels of traffic.
  • Reliable—Cloud hosting is reliable. For instance, if the functionality of your cloud cluster isn’t optimal, it will be moved to another better performing server network.
  • Flexible—another biggest benefit of cloud hosting is that it’s highly flexible. The uptime is impressive. Even more, it comes with unparalleled performance.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the last type of web hosting you should know. This hosting option is dedicated to WordPress sites. With WordPress managed hosting, you have an environment that’s 100 percent optimized for WordPress. It is secure. Even more, it comes with better performance.

The Bottom-Line

When choosing a web hosting service, get it right.  Choose a web hosting form that suits your explicit needs. The above are common forms of web hosting services. Understand them. It will help you choose a web hosting form that suit’s your site’s explicit needs. Make an informed decision and find the perfect host for the UK. After all, you need to get the most out of web hosting.

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