What is the Salary of Salesforce Professionals in India?

Salesforce is in a lot of demand. So the salary structure of it in India is a very important aspect to know. Especially for the people who are going to take it up as their job. Currently, it is in so much demand that enough professionals are not there in this field. Because it is quite a new technology and everyone is still in the learning process of it. The reason for the high demand for Salesforce is the functionality of it. Those are quite helpful for organizations to grow. So there must be a high salary package for the salesforce personnel.

How much you will earn in India?

If you want to know what is the salary structure of the Salesforce job in India then you must decide the location. The location of your job is a big factor behind the salary package. Because the package varies according to the city. In big cities or metro cities, the salary package is higher than the other cities around India. The next big factor is whether you have certification in this field or not. And if you have a Salesforce Certification then the relevance of it will also decide the salary package for you.

What are the results of the surveys done?

Dazeworks has done a salary survey in India about the Salesforce sector. They did it with the help of salesforceben.com. They found that the salary is completely different according to the responsibilities. It is different for a Salesforce admin, developer, consultant, and marketer. Generally, the survey is for the UK and the US. But recently they have done it for India as well. The salary depends on the level of position of the people. For example, Salesforce admins, consultants, developers, and marketers. The levels are like junior, senior on mid-level Salesforce official. So there is no way that you can detect the actual salary structure of this field. Because so many different levels are there but you can be sure that the payment will be good in this career.

What are some interesting facts?

Let us look at some interesting facts obtained by the survey done in 2019. The first fact is Salesforce will generate around $8.7 billion of revenue in 2020. And the number may reach up to 30 billion dollars till 2024. So we can say it is a fast-growing sector. Every year it generates around 54, 8000+ new jobs. It is the result of the survey done on the 2019 to 2024 estimate. All these are direct revenue generated by salesforce. But there will be around $1.3 million of indirect revenue.

Bottom line…

Salesforceben.com has done a nice job. They supported the readers to know the real picture of the Salesforce sector in India. If you read the report generated by them then you will get to know a lot of insights about this field. So if you want to make a lot of money at the end of the day then Salesforce is a very good and growing sector right now.

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