Forex Fury
Forex Fury

Do you want real-time automated trading results? Are you looking for the best EA on the market? Then, Forex Fury is the answer.

I have been using Forex Fury for many years, and it has never disappointed me. It is true to its promise that it delivers a 93% success rate with verified Myfxbook accounts. I also noticed that the results are getting better and more satisfying every passing day.

If you are not yet quite familiar with Forex Fury, I will reveal what makes it the best expert advisor (EA) on the market?

Forex Fury Overview 

Forex Fury refers to the automated trading robot developed by a reputable group on the market. This EA has consistently ranked as the top option since 2017. It provides trades of all trading skills an excellent opportunity to simplify their trading activities while earning more profits.

This EA is compatible with MT3 brokers. It is one of the most affordable trading bots in the marketplace today. Plus, you can install it in less than five minutes.

Here are some of the many basic features of Forex Fury:

  • MT5 Build 600+, MT4, FIFO, and NFA compatibility
  • Low to high-risk strategies
  • Tested and proven SET files
  • Sustainable growth through effective money management
  • ECN support
  • Quick and easy five-minute installation with video tutorials and comprehensive guides
  • Multiple filters to ensure protection against bad market conditions

Reasons Why Forex Fury Remains the Best EA on the Market 

Reasons to Use Forex Fury
Reasons to Use Forex Fury

One of the best decisions I have ever made after trying Forex trading is using Forex Fury. Check out the following reasons that make it number on the market;

Proven Track Record of Success

Before I settle with Forex Fury, I ensure that it has a proven track record of success. If you still doubt, you can check the Myfxbook for previous performance. During my EA search, I have encountered tons of EA options. However, I end up with Forex Fury as it provides me security.

Runs Thousands of Accounts 

As an aggressive and reliable Forex robot, Forex Fury guarantees consistent results and improved trading experience in a low-risk environment. You can find thousands of legit client accounts that serve as evidence that lots of traders are happy and satisfied with the trading results. This trading bot is also ideal for you if you are looking for long-term benefits.

Forex Fury Accounts
Forex Fury Accounts

Positive Feedback 

As a trader, you have to ensure real insights into the Forex market. Fortunately, Forex Fury will give that to you. Besides the legit client accounts, this trading bot has tons of positive feedback. Most users enjoy the advanced features, responsive customer care, user-friendly website, and easy installation.

Lots of Features 

This trading bot got all the necessary features you need for your trading activities when it comes to features. So whether you are a novice or seasoned trader, you can always rely on these features. Plus, the platform updates are set of features from time to time. That is why I easily adapt t the ever-changing Forex market.

Range Filter 

This feature is a solid addition to the trading software. As you probably know, this EA performs efficiently in different market conditions historically. That is why the use of the ADX indicator helps minimize the trading potentials in trending market conditions. Long ago, traders do this manually. Thanks to technological advancements, you can take advantage of automated trading.

Additionally, ADX is effective in determining the different market conditions. In return, you can choose quick winning trades easily. So, expect lower trade frequency when active since it filters out any trade during trending markets.

Reverse Strategy 

This feature performs the opposite of the original logic. In other words, it is helpful for traders who optimized a great short.

One Set of Trades Per Day

At first, I was torn between a range filter and one set of features. That is why I even use both of them in the trading accounts.

Meanwhile, with the One Set of Trades Per Day feature, the trading bot stops trading twice in a similar period. Remember that this software attempts to open the second set of trades as soon as possible after closing the first one. That way, it can squeeze out any extra wins.

As I used this feature, I discovered that the second set of trades’ success rate is significantly low. This means that the one set of trades per day feature is a great help in avoiding additional risks.

Dynamic Retrace 

The dynamic retrace is Forex Fury’s latest stop loss. If you are not into trailing normal stop loss or stop loss, this feature is just right for you. This newest stop-loss utilizes a profit modification to ensure you are away from further losses.

Shorts and Longs Only 

With Forex Fury, it is now possible for you to trade shorts or longs only. While some traders find it not necessary, I still find it useful. Besides, you can enable or disable it, depending on your trading preference.


Through this feature, you can recover from losses much easier. Following a loss, it increases the size of trades to ensure that recovery is faster. This added value feature to the software improves the high winning rate. In case you do not want to use this feature, feel free to disable it.

Dependable Customer Service 

In some cases, especially if you are new to Forex Fury, you will need the assistance and support of customer care. The good news is that this trading robot is known for its responsive and dependable customer care team. Whether you want to connect to them via live chat, email, or phone call, rest assured that all your inquiries are provided with the best solutions.

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Not all EAs are the same. That is why you need to ensure that you will end up with the best one. So, it’s no surprise why more and more traders choose Forex Fury. This makes it remain the number one EA on the market. Plus, you will appreciate the cost, set of features, and other helpful offerings that can enhance your trading experience.

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