What Should I Do to Know Who My Girlfriend is Texting With
What Should I Do to Know Who My Girlfriend is Texting With

Does your girlfriend come home late nowadays, too busy to pick your calls, always texting on her cell phone, and is generally acting off? Do you think she found another lover, cheats on you, or she’s distancing herself from you? 

If you have suspicions about your girlfriend that she is talking to someone she shouldn’t, you’ve reached the right post. The question is how to get to the bottom of it? 

You may want to gather sufficient evidence before confronting her to avoid ruining your relationship. The best way to find out if there’s another man in her life is to go through her phone text messages. 

Read this article to learn how to find out who your girlfriend interacts with and what they talk about. 

Part 1: How to Discover Who’s Texting My Girlfriend (100% Works)

When your girlfriend has a secret admirer that she sees and flirts with, she’s bound to text that man or visit his house. The trouble is that most girls are never away from their cell phones for too long, and you might get caught snooping. 

That’s why you need an app like ours to access your partner’s messages without touching her smartphone. Let’s check it out:

The Spyic Software: The Most Convenient Way to Take a Sneak Peek at Your Girlfriend’s Texts

Spyic is a reputable brand name that you might have heard about. It allows you to read your girlfriend’s phone messages for weeks to know what she’s up to. The app is worthwhile as it has excellent benefits and incredible features.


You can trust Spyic as it’s been in business for a significant amount of time and established its name. Most online media channels like Forbes and CNET have featured the app and talk positively about its capabilities.

Further, Spyic is used in 190+ countries with millions of people in troubled relationships to keep tabs on their girlfriends. It’s private to use the app, and your personal information isn’t recorded or cached. 

The program is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It has a web-based interface where you receive your girlfriend’s phone data in real-time. Spyic gives you access to her texts using your favorite web browser to learn more about who she’s texting all the time. 

Part 2: How to Access My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Permission

You will remotely access your girlfriend’s phone text messages with Spyic. It helps you read, interpret, and find out who’s texting her without her knowledge. That’s made possible with the app’s cutting-edge innovations to work 100% discreetly.

How does it function stealthily?

If your girl has an iPhone or iPad, you’ll start and end the whole process online without ever touching her phone. There’s no jailbreak or software installation. Spyic works with the inbuilt iCloud backup feature to get data. Just look for her iCloud details and you’re good to go.

However, if your girlfriend has an Android device, the process is a bit different. You’ll have to download and install the 2MB Spyic app on her phone. There’re no rooting skills needed to access her messages. 

It’ll take you less than five minutes to finish the installation; then, you can choose to remove the app icon from her phone’s app menu. Spyic runs invisibly in the background with minimal battery consumption. You can also get rid of the app remotely.

As a result, it’s impossible to notice it’s even there.

What Details Can I Access When Checking My Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

Are you interested to know who’s texting your girlfriend all the time? With Spyic, you can do so without her suspecting anything. Sign up and get a subscription plan, then you can access her phone’s data remotely. Look for the Message tab on your dashboard to get started.

The following is an overview of the details you can see:

  • Read Text Messages: Spyic preserves backups of all her incoming and outgoing text messages in your online account. You can even read messages as they’re sent or received.  
  • Check Deleted Messages: A cheating girlfriend is always afraid she might get caught and may want to delete her phone conversations. No problem! Spyic Can access the backups to show you messages after she deletes them. 
  • View Contact Details: No more sleepless nights and worries. You can use Spyic to find information about the person texting your girlfriend quickly. It shows you details like his name, display picture, and other stored data in her contact list.
  • Access Timestamps: For every sent-out and received message, there’s a time and data entry. You can know and pinpoint precisely when a conversation took place.

Additionally, you can use the web service to find out about all her other phone activities. You’ll get data about all her social media accounts (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), browser history, call logs, and much more.   

Knowing how the app functions without detection, let’s check out why you should opt for Spyic and not any other option.

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Part 3: Why Should I Choose Spyic Over Other Solutions?

Spyic is a top-tier tool with multiple powerful elements to view everything your girlfriend does on her phone. Here’s why millions of subscribers cherish Spyic:

  • No Fiddling with Girlfriend’s Device 

The Spyic software doesn’t need you to alter your girlfriend’s mobile device in any manner. If you root or jailbreak a device, you make it open to malware and voids the warranty.   

  • It’s 100% Secure and Safe 

Spyic is a user-verified software. It’s used worldwide by parents, employers, and people in relationships. The app is trustworthy and reliable for its security features. 

  • It’s Easy to Use

There’s nothing to install in your phone or computer to use Spyic. Just get a reliable internet connection, and you’re set.


There you have it – that’s how to know the person sending text messages to your girlfriend without her noticing. Spyic is useful, practical, and anyone can use its powerful features without any programming experience.

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