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Want to get right of entry to Notes knowledge to your Mac? Wondering the place Notes are saved at the Mac? This article will display you the place Notes are saved in the neighborhood on a Mac and the best way to get right of entry to that knowledge. This after all assumes you employ the Notes app, without or with iCloud, and if that is so all Notes will likely be saved at the Mac in the neighborhood, together with in the neighborhood saved notes, and caches of notes from iCloud. This saved Notes knowledge comprises all Notes texts, photographs, graphics, drawings, doodles, media, films, movies, and every other knowledge saved and saved within the Notes app.

This article is aimed for extra technical customers aiming for direct Notes knowledge get right of entry to. The overwhelming majority of Mac customers can get right of entry to their Notes via merely launching the “Notes” utility at the Mac and discovering their notes knowledge there.

Accessing the uncooked Notes knowledge can also be useful for lots of functions, whether or not you wish to have to manually recuperate Notes, manually backup Notes knowledge, manually repair Notes knowledge, or get right of entry to Notes knowledge immediately from MacOS or Mac OS X for every other objective, be in for backups, virtual forensics, interest, or anything.

Where Notes Data is Stored Locally on Mac

The trail to the place Notes are saved in the neighborhood at the Mac is as follows:

~/Library/Group Containers/

For iCloud Notes, chances are you’ll have a look at the next location:


To get right of entry to those Notes places, use the to hand Go To Folder command from Finder:

  1. From the Finder, pull down the “Go” menu
  2. Choose “Go To Folder”
  3. Enter the next trail precisely then click on cross to leap to that folder
  4. ~/Library/Group Containers/

  5. This folder comprises your whole Notes which are saved in the neighborhood in addition to iCloud notes which are cached in the neighborhood at the Mac, if you want to backup or recuperate this information that is the folder you’re going to be running with
  6. The exact Notes knowledge is in a report referred to as “NoteStore.sqlite”, the textual content knowledge is saved a SQL Lite database report, while all media from Notes are saved within the more than a few directories inside of this folder, together with “Media”, “FallbackImages”, and “Previews”

Notes data stored locally on Mac

Notes Location on Mac from iCloud Notes

Notes which are solely saved in iCloud is also discovered on the following places at the Mac as an alternative or along with the former location:


Along with:


You too can get right of entry to the guardian listing however you’re going to to find many aliases and symbolic hyperlinks there, which is not unusual with iCloud knowledge (as you will have encountered earlier than if getting access to iCloud Drive knowledge from the command line on Mac or thru Finder Go To Folder too).

You may realize some overlap relying on the place you stay Notes and in the event you use each iCloud and native notes, or now and again stay the similar Notes knowledge in each places.

It’s necessary to recognize that if the Notes are password locked then the knowledge throughout the SQL report will likely be encrypted and most probably inaccessible with out the Notes password.

Accessing the Notes knowledge saved throughout the NoteStore.sqlite would require a SQL app to question the database, you’ll be able to use the command line or a 3rd birthday celebration SQL Lite utility to try this if you want to.

At the command line, this can also be completed with the ‘sqlite’ command, or for customers preferring a GUI to navigate SQL the freely to be had is an possibility.

Again this is applicable to all notes knowledge this is saved in the neighborhood at the Mac, whether or not via caching from iCloud or via literal native Notes knowledge. vs, the place Stickies notes are saved

Remember, the Notes app isn’t like the Stickies app (now and again known as Sticky Notes). If you might be on the lookout for Stickies app notes knowledge, this is present in a distinct database report on the following location:


You can get right of entry to that listing location throughout the person library, or throughout the aforementioned Go To Folder command.

If you already know of every other Notes places or related knowledge, or otherwise to get right of entry to saved Notes knowledge on Mac, tell us within the feedback underneath!

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