Why Butterfly Jewelry is So Popular

Butterflies-it seems as if everyone has got to have some. Whether in pendant form or featured on earrings, butterfly jewelry is extremely popular and always will be! Read on to learn a little more about these pieces and why you should buy necklace with butterfly pendant on it to not only enhance your look but complement your personal style and personality.

The History of Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly jewelry has been around for an undetermined amount of time. Because organic and natural symbols have transcended from one culture to another over time; it can be difficult to narrow down just when the butterfly began to be featured on jewelry. What is known though, is that the butterfly as a symbol has adapted its appearance over the decades.

One of the earliest and most well-known butterfly pieces can be dated back to 1839 in the form of a mourning brooch. This large, ornate pin represented the soul when worn after another had died, to symbolize the freeness the soul experiences when passing.

Decade after decade, the butterfly continued to be featured on brooches in an art deco form, for decoration purposes and later became a symbol of admiration and affection!

Near the Victorian era, it wasn’t uncommon for maidens to wear butterfly embellished hair clips, and pendant necklaces, or even on the outside of one of their lockets.

Years later, the butterfly made appearances on rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, and even choker style necklaces; and is still going strong today in modern jewelry designs today.

The symbolism of a Butterfly

A butterfly has taken on many different meanings and interpretations over time. The first and most popular symbol of a butterfly can be applied to a situation where a person who wears it grows and evolves into a new type of person.

Whether a teen turns into an adult, a woman becomes a mother, or when one walks away from a difficult circumstance and comes out on top; it’s easy to see why a butterfly represents a metamorphosis of sorts-they go through one throughout their life cycle as well.

Butterflies also represent a fun-loving, carefree soul who embraces life and lives in the moment, just like the insect.

Butterflies also embody femininity and grace, so it’s not uncommon for those who wear one to wish to showcase this part of their essence and personality.

Jewelry Featuring Butterflies

Jewelry that features butterflies is iconic and timeless. Pendant necklaces designed with a butterfly charm is by far the most popular accessory, coveted by many.

Earrings featuring butterflies are also a highly cherished item. It’s very common to find a butterfly stud, which is small and sits directly on the lobe. Hoops also often showcase butterflies. These dangly earrings can be small or large and have butterflies fluttering from them, moving as you do.

Some butterfly earrings are appropriate for special occasions because they are designed from jewels or other sparkly gemstones.

Anklets are popular summer accessories that have a layer of shiny butterflies attached to them, adding instant style to summer wear, as do bracelets.

Finally, rings, whether large or small can highlight butterflies by etchings or an enamel accent. Butterfly rings, much like other butterfly jewelry, can be sparkly and gorgeous for social event wear.

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Celebrities Who Love Butterfly Jewelry

If you love butterfly jewelry, you aren’t alone. There are tons of celebs and style influencers whose heart skips a beat for these fluttery, flying insects. Salma Hayek often flashes a shiny pair of wings among other golden strands and chains. Singer/songwriter Mariah Carey is always spotted sporting shimmering, oversized butterfly rings; and Kylie Jenner also seems to love her butterfly pendant necklace. Take a cue from these stylish stars!

There’s also a huge social media following of the butterfly by Instagram fashionistas and other accessory enthusiasts who like to sport the hottest items for their followers and fans.

What’s Not to Love About Butterfly Jewelry?

Butterfly jewelry is so popular today because it is easy to wear and pair with a wide range of outfits. If dressing casually, you can complement a basic pair of skinny jeans and a plain white tee with a pair of cute, silver, butterfly hoops. Adding the perfect amount of shine and style to this seriously simple outfit, a butterfly accent gives your everyday look that something extra.

If you have a special occasion to attend, you may want to wear a dazzling butterfly pendant necklace with a sleek black dress with flutter sleeves, or an oversized sparkly butterfly ring that will shine brightly in special event lighting.

Butterfly jewelry is also easy to wear throughout your workweek. Whether you’re a business gal or you work in a service or trade; a butterfly bracelet or pair of stud earrings will compliment your workwear and help you to put a little more pep in your step.

Because a butterfly is a universal symbol for life, there is no right or wrong time or way to wear one!

It’s easy to see why butterfly jewelry is so popular. With its vast history and timeless symbolism, this form of jewelry will always be around! A butterfly jewelry item makes an ideal gift to give for a special benchmark birthday, like a Sweet Sixteen or a 21st birthday; a baby birth gift, a special anniversary, or for a graduation. Beautiful and timeless, these symbols help beautify an outfit and represent a deeper meaning and message for those who wear it.

Where Can I Find a Beautiful Butterfly Piece of Jewelry?

Chvker has a large collection of butterfly jewelry. Whether you want to make a big statement or stay more subtle and demure, the boast-worthy brand has many to choose from that won’t just complement your personal style, but your budget as well.

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