Why Every Child Should Learn How to Code

Despite computing being made a GCSE subject in 2012, there remain concerns that the topic is still relatively unpopular amongst teenagers and younger children throughout the UK.

This issue is becoming increasingly pressing with every passing year, however, particularly with a growing number of employment roles based in computer science and built on the fundamental principles of coding and programming.

Fortunately, we’ve seen several innovations that are encouraging children to code nationwide. But why is this important, and what are the core benefits of learning coding in the digital age?

The Rising Importance of Coding in the Labour Market

When computer science first hit the mainstream, coding was considered to be a relatively niche skill that was cool but often misunderstood by both educators and students alike.

Over time, however, coding has become a core subject in the UK, particularly with the labor market highlighting a huge skills gap when it comes to computer science, programming, and software development.

More specifically, the STEM education statistics from 2018 revealed that up to 2.4 million STEM jobs went unfulfilled, as candidates simply lacked the basic skills and qualifications to undertake such roles.

While up to 71% of all new jobs in STEM fields were based on computing at this time, it was estimated that just 8% of STEM graduates were qualifying in computer science. This has created a huge chasm in the labor market, and one that will only become more pronounced over time.

This highlights the growing need to teach coding as a core subject to youngsters, with this skill set one of the most seminal and in-demand across the Western world.

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It’s also worth noting that jobs of this type tend to pay particularly well, so children who are introduced to this subject at an early age can grow to enjoy financially sustainable careers.

What are the Other Benefits of Learn how to Code?

This is one of the reasons why devices such as the BBC micro: bit is so popular, with this mini-computer having been specifically designed to introduce coding as a fun concept to the next generation of adults.

By utilizing this type of device and associated starter kits, children can develop basic coding skills while programming a range of fun applications, including bespoke smartwatches, robots, and even complete classroom kits.

This also teaches core transferable skills such as creativity and problem solving, both of which have wider applications through the corporate and commercial worlds.

Fundamental coding skills can also improve a child’s quality and consistency of communication, particularly in terms of how they articulate their thoughts and ideas to those around them.

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