Type Null In Sword And Shield
Type Null In Sword And Shield

Few legendary pokemon in the gala region there’s literally in the base game Zashian Zamasanta and Eternitus the isle of armor, of course, brought us Kubfu and Urshifu we know there’s a mythical pokemon zeroed that’s fine we know the crown tundra is bringing even more but in the base game, there is simply there are three legendary pokemon except wait no there’s not you’ve seen the title silvally and type null are in the gala region and yeah they’re legendary pokemon too what are they doing there how do they tie into potential future games.

Type Null Game Theories

What are my theories and what is my speculation let’s dive into that right now. Yes, pokemon theory time in this pokemon theory this bit of speculation it’s all non-official mystery behind silvally being in the gala region I think I probably just picked the mic there sil valley sil valley in the gala region so for those of you who didn’t play pokemon sun and moon and ultra summer moon what exactly is a silvally well it’s among the first batch of legendary pokemon that actually evolve and it’s even more peculiar because it’s like right in the middle of the Pokedex not at the end where other legendary pokemon go.

But according to the game’s code yeah these pokemon are legendary pokemon and the story behind them is really unique because initially these pokemon weren’t called type null these pokemon were called type full there were three type 4 pokemon made and they were built using a system called rks and in the games, you might have seen the items the disk drive just like the plates that you give to Arceus to change its type you give one of these disk drives to silvally and it will change type this pokemon is what’s known as a Chimera.

It’s stitched together from bits of other pokemon some parts might look recognizable to you others might not but fundamentally a key a core part of its design was clearly to imitate Arceus the pokemon god in fact you can learn in the aether foundation where they were made they were made by the scientist Faber and inspired by the myths of Sinnoh found in the cantilever library a library filled with books all about Arceus anyway faba created three type full but their power was uncontrollable so he had to put these limiter helmets on them.


Type Null Pokemon Project 

That’s what you see on type null and the project was deemed a failure the original intention was for these pokemon to battle ultra beasts pokemon from ultra space or just other dimensions in general but let me say type null was deemed a failure and the three were put into a sort of cryo sleep cryostasis skip forward to the game pokemon sun and moon and gladion has rescued one of them and at the end of the game once you’ve defeated the aether foundation and vanquished faba from the lab gladion bestows upon you a trustworthy trainer another type.

No, because it turns out that typenose power can actually be contained the rks system can be used you just have to evolve it with high enough friendship into Silvally otherwise it’s just going to be this evil monster thing so there you go one belongs to gladian one belongs to the player character and the other one that must be the one from gala right wrong because the moment you’re given type null during the post-game you can read his Pokedex entries which state the following as a result of corporate espionage design documents have been stolen and new instances of this pokemon have now been documented.

Type Null Sword and Shield

New instances as of the time of pokemon sword and shield which must be set sometime in the future of from pokemon uh sun and moon rocks on ultra moon type Knowles design documents they’re out there people are making more so the next question is why and who is making one in the gamma region it would be nice to just jump to the evil team and say it’s them except team yell have no real purpose for a silvally in fact Danielle aren’t really the evil team everything truly falls on chairman rose he’s the kind of big bad at the end of the game and chairman rose might actually have some use for a tight nullar for a silvally.

Again as well as type full and type no another code name for the project was a beast the beast slayer or beast destroyer a pokemon perfectly designed to fight pokemon from space or from other dimensions and one of the three big legendaries of the gamma region is eternitis a dragon that seems to have come from a wishing star a falling piece of rock from the sky carrying with it the power of dynamaxx and gigantomax pokemon and when you look at who gives you the silvally it is a member of the organization macro cosmos.

But and the weird thing about macro cosmos is throughout the main body of the game they don’t have a big presence but they are everywhere they’re the organization that seems to run the pokemon stadiums and pokemon leagues and when you have a look in the pokemon pc and you look at the pokejobs postings macro customers have job listings in rail energy just every kind of technology tech media there are macro cosmos living and macro cosmos bank they own banks cargo television insurance net the internet in the gala region.

Type Null Pokedex (Pokémon)
Type Null Pokedex (Pokémon)

Everyone knows that the aether foundation was a very successful company until the end of pokemon sun and moon or even ultrasound ultra moon where it was taken over by team rainbow rocket possibly during one of this orchestra and one of these sagas members of macro cosmos who are secretly there stealing design documents but there’s a specific purpose because actually that’s all very surface and it seems obvious what’s not obvious is why specifically titanium and Silvally there were other legendary pokemon at the aether foundation there were research notes.

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I’m sure on cosmo and the ultra beasts but no they specifically went for type null and silvally and that hearkens back really to arceus the pokemon that this pokemon is inspired by because the design notes all of the planning for type null and silvally suggests that it was based on the myths and legends read about in the can alive library and in the canalive library there is a book all about all of the different arceus plates which is obviously fundamental within the design of Silvally now this book only appears in pokemon platinum.

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