Why Online Scratch Cards Are Easier And More Convenient Than Going To A Kiosk

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Do you want to be a millionaire? There is only one answer to this question. No matter how rich a man is, he always keeps on looking for ways to get richer. This is the foundation of all lottery games. From long queues at kiosks to online scratch cards at Lottoland Asia, we have come a long way.

Online scratch cards at Lottoland Asia

With the advent of technology, scratch cards moved online, but their mechanism has almost stayed the same. All you need to do is buy the scratch card that you think can have prizes. Hover your mouse over it and scratch it. Check if you have won!

There are multiple options to explore in this making the game more fun and enjoyable. Along with significant technical advancements, even the graphics and animations here, have improved. The experience of a lottery game is now on a different level, with this shift to digital.

On Lottoland, one of the most famous sites for online scratch card games, you can match numbers and images to win the final jackpot. There are several rounds, boards, and themes with separate prize money. For example, you can immediately win 40,00,000 INR by matching three symbols in Fruit Flurry. Your winnings depend on the number of games you play, 1, 5, or 10.

Offline kiosks

The concept of scratch cards at kiosks started in the early 1970s, where people were given tokens and lottery cards on very minimum value purchase. The prizes were also small, but people loved winning surprise hampers. All of this was done to increase customer engagement and brand recognition.

Then emerged the proper offline lottery scratch cards. People went to the kiosks, waited in long queues, and chose the ticket they wanted to. The hype of getting abundant options was so real that people waited all night for the kiosks to open in the morning.

In some games, they had to mark an area with a coin or a piece of metal and wait for the reveal. Most of the scratch cards had a gift. But in case someone chose a blank card, it showed, “Better Luck Next Time.”

Benefits of using online scratch cards

Online scratch cards seem to be a viable option instead of waiting in lines at the kiosks. But, there are many other benefits related to the use of these online modes of a lottery.

●      Very less effort and investment

The seed money for virtual scratch cards can be as low as 10 cents, while the lottery is $10,000. Such an offer makes it extremely easy for people all over the world to participate in these quickdraws. With almost no effort, the person can take part in a lottery and just hope to be lucky.

●      Better returns

Maybe the offline kiosks have become outdated now, still, some people believe in offline gambling. They go to the casinos and bet there. In both offline and online casinos, there are options to get free bankrolls and bonuses and also in Bitcoin casino too. In the luckiest of the cases, the winning amount is $10. But in the case of virtual scratch cards, the chances of greater returns are very high, and solely depends on your timing.

●      Better claiming procedure

Back in the early days, even if somebody won at the kiosks, they had to wait for verification. The whole claiming procedure was tiring, and many times, people had to spend more than what they had earned, just to claim the reward. This changed with online scratch cards as the winners now get the entire sum credited to their bank immediately.

●      Small deposits

In the kiosks, one had to pay a substantial deposit to play popular games like Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. But in the case of virtual gaming, you can start with a very insignificant amount. You can also buy online scratch cards at Lottoland Asia for very lesser prices.

●      Devoid of multiple risks

Casinos, and to an extent, online casinos need much more money than buying a scratchcard. But, there is very little security for that money. You can make a million dollars over the course of some time and immediately lose all of it to one bad game. Similarly, there are many other risks involved in casinos. In online scratch cards, you win, you withdraw. It’s as simple as that!

●      Availability

Another benefit of playing online scratch card games is that you can avail them from any corner of the world. Also, you can try your luck 24×7, be it blizzards or the scorching sun. All you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go!

●      Services

While playing scratch card games online, you are never left on your own. There is a service team, always ready to help you. You can contact them, explain your queries, and get the answers quickly – something that never happened at the kiosks.

●      Opportunities

On a side note, the growth and popularity of online scratch card games have also created employment. Many developers are designing mobile version games of this software. Several casinos are also moving online, with technical support and a sound software department.

With a vast user base and popularity, scratch cards are the new way of betting and winning. As to answer the first question, you have a chance to be a millionaire by simply scratching online tickets. Are you the next winner of online scratch cards at Lottoland Asia?

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