Why Students Struggle with Math

Mathematics consists of an integral aspect of the education’s curricula in elementary, high school, and in most times, at college as well. As noted by math homework experts, ask any learner about math, and you will probably get a balanced ratio of love or hate depending on the student. So why does a significant proportion of students hate math? What makes mathematics so complex to these students?

Sources of Math Trouble for Most Students

With the extent of hate among learners when it comes to math, this article seeks to uncover what causes the difficulties that result in abhorrence. Here, some of the most notable causes.

  • It is a difficulty that arises when it comes to learning and sees learners struggle with shapes, number-related concepts, and formulas. Because of this, learners have a difficult time understanding and processing math problems.
  • Math Anxiety. A significant proportion of learners dislike math because of the anxiety of failing and fear it brings to them. As such, their brains freeze and end up forgetting the math concepts they’ve learned.
  • Poor Math Foundation. Most students lack the right foundation necessary for achieving success in math. As a result, they end up struggling badly in math as much as it’s not something to do with the difficulty in learning.

Why Students Struggle 

  • Math can prove difficult when it comes to relating the concepts as it’s purely abstract. When a learner cannot relate a concept to a real-life situation, it becomes challenging to understand.
  • It only has a correct and false answer and nothing much when it comes to a margin for mistakes. You can either understand a concept or you fail at it completely with maths. As a result, the feeling of frustration can build up quickly resulting in stress.
  • Math builds upon itself as it’s cumulative as a subject. Therefore, a student has to understand the basics before moving on to fresh topics.
  • The perceptive expectation of math to become difficult. Students often have the wrong expectation about math, and in so doing, end up giving up easily whenever they encounter a small challenge in understanding a concept.
  • Prioritization of cramming instead of understanding math concepts

It can prove fatal for students to assume that memorizing formulas and concepts can lead to a better understanding of math. Students have to endeavor to understand math concepts in addition to formulas to succeed in the subject.

  • The boring reputation tag. Boring and complex proves a very unpopular mix, especially with students, and unfortunately, math comes with such a reputation. It can lead to a lack of excitement, which can reduce effort and subsequent poor grades.
  • Math thrives on practice. It always requires practice and time for learners to comprehend mathematics. With the negative attitude towards math, getting most students to practice can prove futile.
  • Progressing without adequate preparedness. Most students score an average grade in math, and since it’s the minimum requirement to proceed to the next grade, they simply progress. However, any shortfall in the building blocks of math can prove problematic in higher grades as concepts build upon each other.


Mathematics as a subject can prove easy when you put in enough effort and properly use your understanding in practicing concepts. Using such a strategy can quickly change your attitude and grades in math leading to better academic achievement.

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