Why you should use PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates by HiSlide.io beautify your presentation by providing varied aesthetic design and themes with a wide range to choose from. A template contains different design elements such as color, fonts, content, background, and effects for a specific purpose.

A professional template design is paramount in delivering your message; a good design enhances your credibility, gives your message and efficiently, and keeps your audience captivated and attentive. Creating your design is a tedious task, especially if you are not a graphic designer. With plenty of choice for templates, you can easily select what best represents your brand and deliver your message most straightforwardly. Here is why a PowerPoint template is your go-to presentation banger!


Templates will save your time during preparation because they have slides prepared and laid out during the presentation. With a PowerPoint template, you don’t need to create a design; instead, populate the template with your message. You can compress details into more straightforward, more accessible, and quicker forms, such as images, charts, or graphs. Information presented in this manner is easier to understand and memorize; therefore, timesaving.


Templates make your presentation uniform bringing professionalism and persistence in play. Your message will, therefore, not be distracted by inconsistencies if you chose otherwise.


PowerPoint templates are editable. You can change the various parts of the template to suit your presentation. The flexibility that comes with templates does not require a lot of manual work either, you quickly adjust what you want to adapt, and the correction spreads to your entire presentation.


A good template will grab your audience’s concentration and keep them on the same slide with you as you present.


Creating your presentation on a good PowerPoint template builds confidence in your work and you. Everyone wants to be associated with something good.


PowerPoint templates are readily available for free online either for personal or commercial use. Templates are therefore readily available and accessible for use.

How to use a PowerPoint template

You can choose to create your PowerPoint template according to your corporate desires or download one online.

  1. If you are using Microsoft, you need to save your template as a.POTX. file. Saving your template in this format is by clicking F12 to save As then select a PowerPoint template for Save As type. Choose the location of saving your file, then name your file and finally save.
  2. To maintain consistency, add guides around placeholders in the master slide. Placeholders provide a guide that can easily be viewed by navigating the view tab and selecting guides by the rest of your team members. Placeholders allow for order in your slides.
  3. Make use of the theme to bring out the look and feel you desire for your presentation.
  4. Where necessary, add a specialized placeholder, for instance, if you need to tie a particular image to a slide.
  5. To help instruct users on editing the prompt text. Information such as institutions, the template can be used, and formatting instruction is necessary.
  6. Retain bullet points in the text place holder to maintain uniformity
  7. Though it is tempting to delete placeholder title, do not engage. Deleting placeholders may cause you to reset your entire slide master.
  8. Though embedding your font will make our presentation have a definite look and feel, embedding may cause you to trouble down the line because this feature does not work on all computers. Otherwise, you may need to save your presentation in PDF.
  9. You must add detailed and clear instructions and sample slides on your template.
  10. Keep layouts of slides in the slide master, and do not delete any. Keeping slides, you are not using in the slide master is necessary because the template shared among your teammates, and information may need sharing through copy-pasting.

If you have a ready template, populate the template by:

  1. In PowerPoint, click File, then select new.
  2. Select featured, then choose a template you wish to use.
  3. If you created a template, select personal, then select the template.
  4. Select create when you find the template you desire then populate it appropriately.

PowerPoint templates are easy to use and save plenty of time. You also have the chance to create compelling professional presentations from existing templates.

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