Windows 10 KB4549951 update is causing serious issues

In Microsoft’s gathering and Feedback Hub, numerous clients have announced that Windows 10 establishment issues are by and by back with KB4549951 and this obvious bug is keeping individuals from staying up with the latest.

Regardless of the issues refreshes have caused clients, it is as yet essential to guarantee you have the most recent security patches. Shockingly, this is another update that neglects to introduce with nonexclusive mistake messages like 0x8007000d, 0x800f081f, 0x80073701, and so on.

It’s not satisfactory why Windows 10 updates are as yet neglecting to introduce for certain clients and Microsoft presently can’t seem to recognize or record the issues.

On the off chance that you have just followed the customary workarounds accessible on the web and nothing appears to work to determine the issue with Windows Update, you might need to think about playing out a perfect establishment of Windows 10. To play out a spotless establishment, you’ll have to download ISO pictures and reinstall Windows 10.

KB4549951 issues incorporate broken Bluetooth, WiFi, availability issues, BSOD, poor framework execution, and even total framework crashes for certain clients. It is imperative to take note of that solitary a few clients are detailing the issue and not every person is influenced.

“I needed to tell you that in the wake of introducing this update “KB4549951″ my gadget no longer has a Bluetooth connector as per Windows (which obviously is bogus, since it despite everything worked yesterday before introducing this damn update,” one client let us know in an email.

“I refreshed (KB4549951) my Window 10 on 15.04.20. In the wake of refreshing, Bluetooth quits working. Presently Bluetooth isn’t appearing in Device Manager. I attempted to uninstall Updates yet at the same time, it isn’t appearing. What to do now. My Laptop bolsters Bluetooth,” another client detailed a similar issue in Microsoft’s discussion.

It would appear that there is a similarity issue between the Bluetooth driver and Windows 10 update. For this situation, you should move back to the past form of Windows and reinstall the driver in the event that it doesn’t up.

Shockingly, Microsoft’s fix likewise causes feared blunder ‘Blue Screen of Death’ to show up on the screen, which flags a total framework crash.

One casualty composed that their MSI PC booted with a BSOD in the wake of applying this update.

“I was hit with the notorious blue screen ( YOUR DEVICE RAN INTO A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO… ..) with each time an alternate stop code,” client clarified.

“I saw that subsequent to introducing the KB4549951 update, I get BSODs with the blunder “Bit MODE HEAP CORRUPTION” at whatever point I attempt to accomplish something apparently CPU-substantial (viewing livestreams/gatherings, in any event, attempting to take a gander at the Event Viewer). I did some testing and saw that the update was apparently the reason for the BSOD – everything else is by all accounts fine,” another baffled reported the bug.

There’s normally nothing you can do to fix BSOD mistakes, yet clients can move back to a prior form of Windows if their gadgets permit them to, or they can reinstall Windows 10.

It’s significant that these issues are in effect generally revealed, however it just influences a gathering of clients and not every person is influenced.

For certain clients, Windows 10 seems, by all accounts, to be throttling WiFi speed and causing other web issues.

“After this update, my pc can’t interface with the web. I can see the wifi connector in the gadget director and there are no issues revealed. No accessible systems show to associate as well,” one client featured another issue with this fix.

“The Windows update I jumped on Tuesday 14 April 2020 caused my wi-fi transfer speed to drop from 200+ Mbs every second to somewhere in the range of .5 and 6 Mbps,” another client noted.

Microsoft says it doesn’t know about any issues regardless of a few online grievances on its own discussions and Feedback Hub. On the off chance that you previously downloaded the fix and it broke something for you, your most logical option is to return to an increasingly steady form of Windows 10.

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