XP, Leaderboards, and Performance

As we continue our march towards a brand spanking new Xbox Insider Hub enjoy, we’re going to make changes that may affect what the existing Xbox Insider Hub turns out like and how it behaves. Like we mentioned in our previous publish, among the ones pieces are going to be much more visible than others. This includes a business you’ll see starting tomorrow.

We Value Your Participation

We know that Xbox Insiders price XP, and we do too! XP is a public reward to you for giving feedback to the serve as teams and sport developers for saying what you like and what’s going to even be stepped ahead. We’ve granted XP for completing Surveys, Quests, and for filing excellent bugs! Many of you even noticed when we humorously hinted that we have got been conscious that some folks had been bypassing our device merely to get the XP reward.

Making this XP so public was once as soon as driving an incentive that we did not intend. And this created an artificially in depth hollow between consumers with necessarily probably the most XP, as hostile to people who are utterly well-engaged alternatively with a lower degree general. Because Xbox Insiders are the most productive conceivable—and longest—engaged participants of the Xbox group, it turned into clear that a years-long member of the program had an insurmountable XP receive advantages compared to a more moderen Xbox Insider.

The business we’re making in recent years involves how we file XP and show Leaderboards. Most of the ones changes are happening beneath the hood inside the services and products layer and are improvements to all of the potency of the app itself. However, the ones changes will disrupt the Leaderboards as a result of one of the simplest ways we make a service identify for that wisdom. As we’re shifting XP and longer term incentive strategies inside the Xbox Insider Hub, we felt this was once as soon as the proper time to retire the XP Leaderboard inside the provide style of the app.

XP is Not Going Away

You can however earn problems by way of Quests, Surveys, and bug filing! There are a large number of you who earned your home on the global leaderboard’s perfect slots by way of fashionable engagement, top quality feedback, and have been with us for a couple of years. To you, an excessively fair thank you. There are also many newer Xbox Insiders who are full of life inside the Xbox Insider Hub almost about every day and gives high quality feedback. We thank you, as well. The impact you may have on Xbox is simply as essential.

We want you to be a part of the journey towards the new Xbox Insider Hub. Stay up to the moment on other changes we’re making proper right here on the Xbox Insider Blog, the r/XboxInsiders subreddit, and @XboxInsider on Twitter. We are very with regards to having a assemble ready to supply to Xbox Insiders to take a look at out and let us know what you think. Stay tuned!