A few months up to now, we
revealed Xbox Series X, our fastest, most tricky console ever, designed
for a console era that has you, the player, at its heart. When it is introduced
this holiday season, Xbox Series X will set a brand spanking new bar for potency, tempo
and compatibility, all while allowing you to hold your gaming legacy forward
with you and play 1000’s of video video games from four generations.

Recently, at the side of the tech professionals Austin Evans
and Digital Foundry, we
had the chance to take a closer take a look at probably the most technologies which can also be powering
Xbox Series X and keep up a correspondence to the gang regarding the imaginable possible choices they made when defining
the next era of gaming. We spent a whole day discussing the whole thing
from the console’s custom designed processor and latency solutions to backward
compatibility and visual enhancements.

(Editor’s Note: We’ll be using some acronyms and discussing
technologies in this put up without all the time defining them. To that end, we’ve
created an Xbox
Series X glossary that comprises lots of the ones words and additional. We’ll link
out where applicable, and you’ll be able to be in a position to try the full
glossary here, along with our choices on the new
Xbox Wireless Controller and how the team
is reducing latency.)

The next era of Xbox is printed thru three primary
characteristics: Power, Speed and Compatibility. Let’s take a look at the
choices and technologies of Xbox Series X turning within the ones three hallmarks.

The Most Powerful Xbox Ever

Early on throughout the design of Xbox Series X, the gang was made up our minds
to send necessarily essentially the most tricky Xbox ever, which opened a chain of discussions about
how you can define “power” throughout the next era of consoles. In earlier generations,
power has been defined principally thru graphics innovation: from the transition
from 8 bit to 16 bit graphics, 2D to 3-d, SD to HD and in the end to 4K.

Today, avid avid gamers don’t seem to be simple more and more video video games run at 60
frames in line with second (fps) with best visual fidelity and precise, responsive
input. Developers have come up with creative solutions, similar to dynamic
solution scaling, to maintain best image top of the range while not compromising on
frame value, on the other hand this is continuously finished to artwork around the hindrances and
constraints of provide era hardware. That’s all about to change with
Xbox Series X. It’s not with reference to making video video games look upper, even if. It’s about
making video video games play upper too.

the Xbox Series X will send a huge increase in GPU potency and
continue to redefine and advance the state of art work in graphics with new
purposes similar to hardware sped up raytracing,” said Jason Ronald, Director
of Product Management on Xbox Series X, “we don’t believe this era will
be defined thru graphics or solution alone.”

The team knew they needed to assemble a next era console
that may run video video games in 4K at 60 fps with out a compromises for developers. They
moreover challenged themselves to send a point of potency once concept
inconceivable on console, along with give a boost to for up to 120 fps for necessarily essentially the most
no longer simple and competitive video video games. While they believe solution and frame value
are creative choices best left throughout the hands of brand developers, the gang
wanted to verify the instrument was able to give a boost to the desires of crucial
blockbusters, competitive esports, and leading edge unbiased creators.

In order to give a boost to those needs, the gang reinforced their
long-term partnership with chipmaker AMD, which began operating with the Xbox
team over 15 years up to now on the Xbox 360. Sebastien Nussbaum, Corporate Vice
President & Senior Fellow, Semi-Custom Products and Technologies​ at AMD,
spoke just a bit about what the gang created to be in agreement power Xbox Series X.

Thanks to a point of interest on transformational design and generational potency uplift, Nussbaum said that, for developers, “the console ends up being a playground for technical innovation.” This is due in large part to the raw power of the custom designed processor, powered thru an 8 core AMD Zen 2 CPU and an RDNA 2-class GPU.

These next era architectures send a brand spanking new level of
potency that shall we developers create affordable and immersive critiques
like we’ve on no account seen quicker than, while moreover allowing the gang at AMD to seed a
next era DirectX ecosystem that may continue to push the industry