Your Ultimate Guide to Smurfing
Your Ultimate Guide to Smurfing

Have you heard about smurf accounts? No, it’s got nothing to do with that 80s cartoon with the little blue people, not really.

Smurfs or Unranked Smurfs accounts are gaming accounts that you can purchase and use to play online. Buying an unranked smurf account is one way that League of Legend players can expand their gameplay. It can let them play with more new people and even join games on different servers.

Smurf or Smurfing, what is it?

A smurf account is a slang term for an alternative computer account. So, if you already have a League of Legends account and create another one, that other one is a smurf account.

The term smurf or smurfing was first used back in 1996 in the multi-player strategy game Warcraft II. Two players named Geoff Fraizer and Greg Boyko created the first smurf accounts.

The two created these alternative accounts for themselves because they were having difficulty finding players to go against them in the game. The two were considered “expert” players and, when some players saw their handles, they would not want to play against them.

To get around this, they created alternate accounts under the names “PapaSmurf” and “Smurfette”. These names are references to characters in an 80’s children cartoon called the Smurfs. The Smurfs was a village of little blue men (and one woman) who lived in the forests.

Two of the main characters in the Smurfs were the leader, Papa Smurf, and the lone female Smurf, Smurfette. It’s these two characters that Fraizer and Boyko choose to use as names in the alternative accounts, and that is why what they did became known as smurfing.

By playing with these accounts and presenting themselves as other people, Fraizer and Boyko achieved the goals of finding more people to play with. Their smurf accounts allowed them to “hide” their level of expertise.

Smurfing today, what is an unranked smurf?

While you can create a smurf account on your own, keep in mind that that means that you are going to be starting from scratch. This means that you need to put in several hours of gameplay before you can level up.

One popular alternative to this is to buy Smurf accounts. Smurf accounts are sold in a variety of levels, so you can pick a smurf to purchase at a level that you would like to play in.

There’s also a specific type of smurf called the “unranked smurf” which means that it is an account that has leveled up but is not yet at level 30. Playing as an unranked smurf means you are playing as an unranked player who hasn’t yet unlocked the ability to participate in ranked matches.

Is smurfing allowed?

While Fraizer and Boyko’s story sounds innocent enough, the practice of smurfing is regarded with some suspicion. Smurf accounts soon spread outside of just Warcraft II players and started to get a negative reputation.

Some unscrupulous smurfers would deliberately join games with newbies and dominate them, which led to some complaints and in some cases cause game developers to crack down on and ban people using smurf accounts.

While it’s not exactly illegal to create or buy a smurf account to play online games such as League of Legends, you need to be conscious about how and why you have an unranked smurf account.

What are legit reasons to play using an unranked Smurf account?

  1. You just want to play

This is basically the reason that Fraizer and Boyko created the first smurf account. They wanted to play, and they were having difficulties finding new people to play with them.

An unranked smurf account opens up the playing field in the sense that more people might be willing to play with you if they don’t think or realize that you are ranked “above” them. As long as you tamp down the aggression and don’t try to wipe the playing field with the newbies, there’s no harm in playing with a smurf account.

Playing with an unranked smurf also provides you with a welcome break from the pressures of the game. We all play online games to relax but, if you’ve been playing for a while and have risen in the ranks, you might feel some undue pressure to always play to win.

Playing as an unranked smurf allows you to just enjoy the game and waste time a bit. You don’t have to win, and you don’t have to feel the constant pressure to win. Best of all, having this sort of attitude will not affect your main account as any losses you will take will reflect on your smurf account.

  1. You want to play with your newbie friends or family members

If you are already a high ranked player who is trying to get a friend or family member into League of Legends, you might want to get a smurf account if you want to play with them.

If they are just starting out and you play with them using your main account, your ranking will affect the gameplay. Your newbie friends will end up finding themselves in situations that they are not prepared for.

Playing as an unranked smurf will allow you to play with newbies at lower levels. This will allow you to show them the ropes and teach them how to play the game. It will be more enjoyable for them, and you don’t have to worry about the ranking on your main account.

  1. You want to try out a new role or a new champion

If you want to try out a new role or see if another type of champion will work for you, it’s best to use this account. When you buy or create a new smurf account, you basically get a fresh start, and you can change not just your name but also your role. You can then “practice” in this new role or using this new champion without affecting your standing in your main account.

  1. You want to try playing in a different server region

When you make an account to play League of Legends, you are “assigned” a server region. Your account is identified with that particular server region moving on. This means that you will only be able to play with players who are from a specific region.

If you have friends who live in a different region and are playing on a different server, you will need to switch to that server region if you want to play together.

While you can switch servers, you are going to have to pay region transfer fees to do so. And, if you want to switch back to your original server, you will need to pay again.

To get around having to pay to switch servers, you can just buy a smurf account in a different region from your main account. So, instead of paying multiple times to switch servers, you only pay once for the smurf then use that account when you want to play in that region and switch back to your main account when you want to play in your home region.

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